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Short-term events like COVID-19 and war in Ukraine. Long-horizon trends like global warming and China’s rise. The world is changing in ways not seen since the Industrial Revolution and “business as usual” just won’t cut it anymore. How can corporate decision-makers guide their organizations over the years and decades to come? Most must make fundamental and irreversible decisions – at the very time when knowing what to do is harder than ever.

Consultants, think tanks, scholars and others are rising to the challenge; but the resulting deluge of ideas, articles and opinions is dispersed far too widely over hundreds of journals, blogs and other publications.  Many of these pieces are simply too long and written in inaccessible jargon.  Others are just not helpful to front-line practitioners.

C-Suite is designed to provide top executives with quick access to key insights that can help strategic decision-making. Every two months, we will review more than 125 leading business publications. We will select the best articles, with the most to say about business strategies and major political, economic, social, and technological trends. We will analyze, synthesize and summarize.

Our inaugural issue spotlights the profound transformations driven by the disruptive events of recent years, and the need for a completely new approach to strategy formulation and decision-making. Future issues will discuss ideas and tools to help manage uncertainty, complexity and risk.

We hope you’ll find this new publication insightful and useful. We welcome your feedback – and your subscription to C-Suite.

John Jullens and Marc Robinson

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I am a management consultant with more than thirty years of on-the-ground experience in North America, Western Europe, and China. I specialize in corporate and business unit strategy development with a specific focus on growth strategies.
I am an economist and strategist at MSR Strategy after 30+ years as internal consultant at GM, including in Strategic Initiatives and Risk Management. I taught at UCLA and Stanford. I served on President G.H.W. Bush's Council of Economic Advisers.